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Synthetic sexual lure - Young bull in rut - Moose

Synthetic sexual lure - Young bull in rut - Moose

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Get our Synthetic Young Bull in rut Moose Lure if you want to attract many curious animals to meet him. This high-quality product makes local animals believe that a young moose is walking in their territory and arouses their curiosity. The lure acts over a long distance and encourages all the moose  to come and take a look in the area. To use it, you must create a scent line in your territory to reproduce the presence of a young Bull in rut. You can simulate a wallow by adding  15 airless spray. It is also suggested to spray the scent of Young bull in rut Synthetic sexual Lure on surrounding trees to imitate fake  rub. This product is very effective on rainy days(24-48 hrs) and reactivates with morning dew or even with the humidity of dusk.


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