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Synthetic sex lure - Mature male - Moose

Synthetic sex lure - Mature male - Moose

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How to attract an alpha bull? Buy our Mature bull synthetic moose  lure which makes the dominant bull believe that an aggressive wandering bull in his area. A handsome, vigorous bull will visit your area more often. The lure acts over a long distance and encourages the dominant bull to frequent the area more frequently. To use it, you must create a scent line in your territory to reproduce the presence of a mature bull. You can simulate a wallow in the ground and adding 15 shots of the spray. It is also suggested to spray the scent of Mature bullSynthetic Moose Lure on surrounding trees to imitate fake rub. This product is very effective on rainy days (24-48 hrs)and reactivates with morning dew or even with the humidity of dusk.


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