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SEXUAL LURE - Mature male - Mule deer

SEXUAL LURE - Mature male - Mule deer

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Want to attract rutting bucks? Buy our Mature buck mule deer Sexual Lure that makes the dominant male think an aggressive mule deer is walking in his territory. A handsome, vigorous buck will increase the frequency of his visits to your area. The lure works over a long distance and bring dominant bucks to visit the area more often. To use it, you can make a scent line in your territory to reproduce the presence of a mature male. You can also scrape the ground and add 15 sprays from the mistspray. It is also suggested to spray the scent of the Sexual Lure for Mature Males on nearby trees to mimic fresh rubbing. The product is very effective on rainy days and reactivates with the morning dew or with the humidity of dusk.

also won't freeze

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